A Wicklow Girl By Canada’s Brian O’Dowd: Set in Dublin

About the Book

Set in Dublin and surroundings, briefly in New Orleans, the novel explores difficulties encountered by return of the emigrant. The story narrated by Brian who lived in Canada for many years, his aunt left him her house on Howth head over looking Dublin bay. Attempts at connecting with old acquaintances do not prosper and Brian is living his lonely life. As he tells the tale, a year earlier he met Wicklow girl Noreen O’Boyle in Louisiana. We learn that life away was tough for Noreen and she plans to return. In the interlude waiting for Noreen, Brian had a moment of meditations in the local church. This event led to a scandalous impersonation of the parish priest with Aniky, a young nun visiting from Bruges. Green-eyed tempestuous Noreen arrives in Dublin however Brian and Noreen have only one summer together. Events of brief dalliance with Aniky comes back to haunt at Halloween … Buy Book Here!

“It’s everything a serious reader would want from a novel. Suffice to say I read it spellbound. The novel is perfect, a classic, satisfying love story. Being language driven, the love story itself is transformed into an epic. Regardless of any plot or theme, it’s the voice, the acerbic, relentless observations, the exhilarating metre of sociological dissection, the skewed homecoming poetry of it, the anger and energy and bitterness. It’s superb, every word of it held me enthralled. Making this the fuel of a love story is a supreme achievement. It’s more than the great Irish novel; its very language is dependent on a narrator’s voice corrupted by his wandering. You take a scene to its linguistic origins, refract its meanings and create myth, the voice is contemporary and so compelling in its delivery. Delighted in the puns, the literary and cultural references, the brilliance of the wit and one liners, the put downs to die for and the absurd and crazy, surprising twists of storyline.”
UK Writers Workshop review