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iIrish, by Any Other Name, is Just as Sweet

Editor’s Corner: iIrish, by Any Other Name, is Just as Sweet
By John O’Brien, Jr.

A sense of normal is starting to become normal again.  I know we are not free and clear, but I remain hopeful we shall overcome.  I hope you are excited about our expansion and efforts to address the underserved Irish communities inside the coast.  We started in Pittsburgh, and will add Detroit, Buffalo and then … big plans have baby steps in their foundation. 

What do you think of our new name, and logo?  I think they are much truer to our coverage and reach.  The podcast is growing by the episode and the free eBulletin is nearing 15,000 opted-in subscribers.  We so appreciate your past support, and hope you will always be a part of our direction and our audience.

Congratulations to the Cuyahoga County divisions of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians. They threw an absolutely fantastic State of Ohio Convention.  Not a thing was forgotten, not a moment was forgettable.  And there was even a 5-alarm Fire on the first day. No, that’s not a joke, or an alarm.  I still think President Harper had something to do with it, with the speed he showed getting onto the roof and pinning things down.

Welcome Back to Margaret Mary Hicks!  Our former Dublin Diaries Columnist has graduated and returned from school at Trinity.  Her new column appeared last month with a fascinating, first-hand look at the Bonfire tradition in Ireland. Also joining us monthly is Dr Frederick Peters, The Fitness Doctor, writing about fitness of course.  We will keep adding great content, and great writers as we spread our wings.

Nuair a stadann an ceol, stadann an rince

(When the music stops, so does the dance)